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  Editorial Board

Journal Committee: 

The Journal Committee of Annals of Indian Psychiatry consists of members from the west zone who provide administrative support for the journal activities.


Dr PM Chougule, MBBS, MD- Psychiatry

Consultant Psychiatrist, Kolhapur

Ex President, IPSWZB

Ex Associate Professor & HOD, Department of Psychiatry, RCSM, GMC, Kolhapur


Email: [email protected]


Dr Kishor Gujar, MBBS, MD- Psychiatry

Consultant Psychiatrist, Pune

Ex Psychiatrist & Head, Dept of Psychiatry, YCM Hospital, Pimpri, Pune

Ex Deputy Superintendent, YCM Hospital, Pimpri Pune

Ex In charge, Child Guidance Centre, YCM Hospital, Pimpri Pune

Vice President & President Elect, IACAM

Member Advisory Board, Journal of Indian association of Child and adolescent Mental Health

Direct Council Member, IPS

Ex President IPS WZB

Past President, Poona Psychiatrist’s Association

Former Zonal Representative to Central Council of IPSIACAM


Email: [email protected]


Dr Kaushik Gupte MBBS, DPM- Psychiatry

Consultant Psychiatrist Sardar Smarak Hospital, Bardoli

Visiting Psychiatrist, Mahavir Hospital, Surat.

Election Officer, Election Commission, IPS


Email: [email protected]


Dr Mukesh Panachand Jagiwala, MBBS, DPM - Psychiatry, FCGP

Consultant Psychiatrist, Brain Psycho Clinic, Surat

Hon. Treasurer, IPS

National Executive Committee Member, SAARC Psychiatric International Federation

Executive Committee Member, IPS

Ex Executive Committee Member, Indian Association of Private Psychiatry

Ex President, IPS WZB

Chairman, Constitution Committee, IPS WZB

Ex Secretary, Social Security Scheme, IPS

Ex President, IPS, Gujarat State Branch, 2000-01

Ex-Chairman, Constitution Committee, IPS, Gujarat State Br.

Ex-President, IPS, South Gujarat Branch


Email: [email protected]


Dr Pundalik Paikakode MBBS, MD- Psychiatry

Consultant Psychiatrist, Goa

Member, National Advisory Board, Indian association of Private Psychiatry

Founder Member Goa Psychiatric Society

Ex-President, IPSWZB

Ex Member Goa State mental authority

Ex Hon Secretary, IMA Goa State

Ex EC Member, Indian association of Private Psychiatry


Email: [email protected]


Dr Nilesh   Bhagwandas Shah MBBS, DPM, MD, DNB- Psychiatry

Prof & Head, Psychiatry, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College & Hospital, Mumbai.

Chairperson Ethics Committee Masina Hospital

Ex President IPSWZB,

Ex EC member IEC, LTMMC & LTMGH, Mumbai


Email: [email protected]


Dr Jay Shastri MBBS, DPM- Psychiatry

Consultant Psychiatrist, Mumbai

Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at Smt. Motibai Thakcersey Institute of Research

Honorary Professor in Sir Kikabhai Premchand’s MIND college of Special Education – University of Mumbai, Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist -The Research Society for the Care, Treatment and Training of children in Need of Special

Member of the Board of Management for the Research Society for the Care, Treatment and Training of Children in Need of Special Care, Mumbai,

Member of Ethics Committee for the Research Society for the Care, Treatment and Training of Children in Need of Special Care, Mumbai

Ex Convener Child Psychiatry & Adolescent Psychiatry- specialty section IPS WZB

Ex Honorary Secretary – IPS WZB

Ex Honorary Treasurer- IPS WZB.

Ex Honorary Treasurer- Indian Association of Biological Psychiatry


Email: [email protected]


Dr Vidyadhar Watve MBBS, MD- Psychiatry

Consultant Psychiatrist, Poona Hospital & Research Centre, Pune.

Ex-President, IPS


Email: [email protected]


Advisory Board:

The Advisory Board of Annals of Indian Psychiatry consists of members who provide guidance for journal strategy/ policy and are not involved in any editorial decisions.




Dr Prakash Behere MBBS, MD- Psychiatry

Vice Chancellor, Dr D Y Patil Education Society (Deemed University), Kolhapur

Visiting Professor at University of Chester, England

Email: [email protected]


Dr. Vivek Kirpekar MBBS, MD- Psychiatry

Prof & Head Psychiatry

NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences& Research, Nagpur

Specialty Field Editor, Indian Journal of Psychiatry

Zonal representative of IPS WZB on Central council of IPS

Editorial Board member, Indian Journal of Private Psychiatry, Journal of Psychosexual Health


Email: [email protected]


Dr. Ritambhara Mehta MBBS, MD- Psychiatry

Professor & Head, Dept of Psychiatry, Govt Medical College, Surat

Additional Dean, GMCS

Member Secretary, Scientific Review Committee, GMCS

Chairperson, Scientific Committee, IPSGSB

Email: [email protected]


Dr. T. S. S. Rao MBBS, MD, PhD- Psychiatry

Professor Psychiatry, J.S.S. Medical College, Mysore, India

Editor, Journal of Psychosexual Health (SAGE) 

Editor & Chairperson, Publications, Research and Edu. Committee

South Asian Societies for Sexual Medicine (SASSM)

Former Editor, Indian Journal of Psychiatry (2004, 2007 - 2018) 

Former Editor & Chief Advisor, Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine,                 

Indian Journal of Social Psychiatry, 

Indian Journal of Geriatric Mental Health 

Journal of Mental Health & Human Behavior 

Editorial Board Member, SPF Journal of Psychiatry (SAARC Psychiatric Federation)                                

Advisory Board Member, Open Journal of Psychiatry & Allied Sciences.               

Past President, Indian Association for Geriatric Mental Health.                     

Secretary, Psychiatry & Human Sexuality Section, WPA            

Member, Positive Psychiatry Section - WPA

Member, Publication Committee, WAPR (World Asso. for Psychosocial Rehabilitation)  


Email: [email protected]


Dr Vihang Vahia MBBS, MD- Psychiatry

Professor Emeritus, Dept of Psychiatry, RN Cooper Hospital & HBT Medical College, Mumbai

Consultant Psychiatrist Breach Candy and Lilavati Hospitals, Mumbai


Email: [email protected]


Dr Ganpat Kodarbhai Vankar MBBS, MD- Psychiatry

Professor and Head, Dept of Psychiatry

People's College of Medical Sciences and Research Center

Bhanpur, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Ex Editor, Archives of Indian Psychiatry


Email: [email protected]


Dr Mrugesh Vaishnav MBBS, MD, DPM- Psychiatry

Consultant Psychiatrist, Samvedana Happiness Hospital, Ahmedabad

President, IPS


Email: [email protected]




Dr Russell Desousa MD Psychiatry


Asia Pacific Bioethics Division

UNESCO Chair in Bioethics

Melbourne Australia: Chennai India

Executive Director and Dean

Professor of Psychological Medicine

International Institute of Organisational Psychological Medicine (IIOPM) Australia - USA – UK

Email: [email protected]


Dr Dilip V. Jeste, MD Psychiatry

Senior Associate Dean for Healthy Aging and Senior Care

Estelle and Edgar Levi Chair in Aging

Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosciences

Director, Sam and Rose Stein Institute for Research on Aging

University of California, San Diego, USA

Email: [email protected]


Dr Solly Rataemane FF. Psych (SA), Dipl. Child Psychiatry (UK)

Chair Dept of Psychiatry 

Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University 

Pretoria, South Africa 

Secretary General WAPR 

Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital (HOD)

Dept of Psychiatry

Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University

Chair: Ministerial Advisory Committee on Mental Health 

South Africa

Email: [email protected]


Dr Amresh Shrivastava MD, DPM - Psychiatry, FRCPsych. FAPA

Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry 

Associate Scientist, Lawson Health Research Institute (LHRI) & Department of Psychiatry Schulich

School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University London Ontario


Email: [email protected]


Dr Rajiv Tandon MD Psychiatry

Executive vice-chair and Professor of Psychiatry, University of Florida.

Chief of Psychiatry, Malcom Randall Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Editor in Chief, Asian Journal of Psychiatry

Email: [email protected]


Hon. Editor:

Dr. Neena S Sawant MBBS, MD, DPM - Psychiatry, PGDHHM, PGDMLS

Professor (Addl), Dept. Of Psychiatry, Seth GSMC & KEM Hospital, Mumbai.

Vice President, Research Society, Seth GSMC & KEMH

EC member, IACAM

EC Member, BPS

Chairperson, Ethics Committee, MDACS, Mumbai

Ex Chairperson, WDC, Seth GSMC & KEMH (2006-2018)

Ex EC Member, IPSWZB

Ex Chairperson, Subcommittee: CME, IPSWZB


Tel: 9930583713

Email: [email protected]


Associate Editors:


Dr Avinash De Sousa MD DPM- Psychiatry MPhil PsyD

Consultant Psychiatrist, Mumbai 

Research Associate Department of Psychiatry Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and General Hospital 

Founder Trustee Desousa Foundation 

Secretary Indian Association of Biological Psychiatry

Chief Editor, Indian Journal of Mental Health 

Assistant Editor, Indian Journal of Psychiatry 

Deputy Editor, Industrial Psychiatry Journal

Editorial Board Member: Indian Journal of Private Psychiatry, Journal of Geriatric Mental Health, Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine

Managing Editor, Global Bioethics Enquiry

Associate Professor and Secretary, International Institute of Organizational Psychological Medicine


Tel:  9820696828

Email: [email protected]


Dr Parag Shah MBBS, MD- Psychiatry

Professor & Head, Dept of Psychiatry, Surat Mun Institute of Med Edu & Research, Gujarat

President, IPS Gujarat State Branch


EC Member, IPS South Gujarat Branch


Tel:  9426138318

Email: [email protected]


Assistant Editors:


Dr Devavrat Harshe MBBS, MD- Psychiatry

Asst Professor Dept of Psychiatry, Dr DY Patil Medical College, Kolhapur

Member, Bioethics Wing, Dr DY Patil Medical College

Hon secretary, IPS Kolhapur Branch

Member Scientific Committee, Deccan Psychiatric Association,

Member Editorial Board, Indian journal of psychological Medicine


Tel:  9167577279

Email: [email protected]


Dr. Ashish Srivastava MBBS, MD- Psychiatry

Lecturer, Institute of Psychiatry & Human Behavior, Goa

Hon President, Psychiatry Society of Goa

Hon Secretary, IPSWZB

EC Member, IMA Goa

Specialty Field Editor, Indian Journal of Psychiatry


Tel:  8551061672

Email: [email protected]


Editorial Board:

The members of the Editorial board of Annals of Indian Psychiatry are involved in assigning reviewers, acting as referees / reviewers /copyeditors or making any editorial decision on the manuscript.




Dr. Debasish Basu MD, DNB - Psychiatry, MAMS

Professor of Psychiatry

Drug De-addiction & Treatment Centre

Department of Psychiatry

Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research

Chandigarh, India

Email: [email protected]


Dr Suresh Bada Math MD, DNB, - Psychiatry, PGDMLE, PGDHRL, PhD (Law)

Professor, Dept of Psychiatry

Head of Community Psychiatry

Head of Telemedicine Centre

Consultant, Forensic Psychiatry

In-charge Legal Aid Clinic

National Institute of Mental Health and NeuroSciences, Bangalore.


Email: [email protected]


Dr. Malay Dipak Dave MD, DPM, DNB - Psychiatry

Consultant Psychiatrist, Mumbai

Honorary Visiting Specialist - Jagjivan Ram Western Railway Hospital (Mumbai Central)

Chair, Quiz Subcommittee IPS West Zonal Branch

Co-chair, Biological Psychiatry Task Force IPS


Email: [email protected]


Dr. Smita N Deshpande MD, DPM- Psychiatry

Senior Consultant & Professor, Dept of Psychiatry, Deaddiction Services & Resource Center for Tobacco Control

Head, National Coordinating Unit ICMR for NMHP Projects

Head, Central India Unit of UNESCO Bioethics Chair, Haifa

Centre of Excellence in Mental Health,

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Medical Sciences & Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital,

Banga Bandhu Sheikh Mujib Road, New Delhi


Email: [email protected]


Dr Rajesh Dhume MBBS, DPM, MD - Psychiatry, FIPS

Senior Psychiatrist, Dept of Health, North district Hospital, Govt of Goa, Mapusa

Nodal Officer Deaddiction Program, Goa

Nodal Officer Drug Treatment Clinic Program, Goa

Nodal Officer DMHP, Goa

Co-chairperson, Physical therapy subcommittee, IPS

Former President, IPSWZB

Ex Hon Secretary, IPSWZB

Ex EC Member, IPSWZB


Email: [email protected]


Dr. Kshirod Mishra MBBS, MD - Psychiatry

Professor & Head, Dept of Psychiatry, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram

Secretary, Institutional Ethics Committee


Zonal Representative IAGMH

Editorial Board Member MGIMS journal

Member Journal committee, IJP


Email: [email protected]


Dr. Om Prakash MBBS, MD - Psychiatry, MAMS

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Institute of Human Behavior & allied Sciences (IHBAS), New Delhi


Email: [email protected]


Dr Sujit Sarkhel MBBS, MD- Psychiatry

Associate Professor, Institute of Psychiatry, IPGMER & SSKM Hospital, Kolkata

Hon Editor, Eastern Journal of Psychiatry & Bengal Journal of Psychiatry

Associate Editor: IJP, IJPP

Asst Editor: IJPM

Editorial Board Member: OPJAS


Email: [email protected]


Dr. S C Tiwari MBBS, MD - Psychiatry, IATGP(USA)

Retd. Prof. & Founder Head

Department of Geriatric Mental Health,

Ex-Dean, Hospital Affairs,

Ex-Vice Dean, Centre for Advance Research & Training (CARTS)

King George's Medical University, 

Lucknow, India.

Email: [email protected]




Dr Savita Bhakta MD-Psychiatry

Asst Professor, Dept of Psychiatry

Clinical Foundations Co- director

University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla

LA, United States of America

E mail: [email protected]


Dr. Subodh Dave FRCPsych, MD, DPM - Psychiatry, MMedSci (Clin Edu)

Consultant Psychiatrist, Derbyshire Healthcare foundation Trust

Hon. Asso. Professor, University of Nottingham,

Associate Dean, Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK 

United Kingdom

E mail: [email protected]


Dr Amulya Nadkarni MBBS, DPM, MD- Psychiatry, FRC Psych

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Lincs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, UK

United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]

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